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Resources to help you build awesome games with DragonRuby Game Toolkit (DRGTK).

We believe that DRGTK is a great engine for making games, and we want to share our knowledge to help others make the games of their dreams. We also want to see it succeed. The more great games built with it, the better the engine will get.

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  • Book - a free book that goes step-by-step on how to build a non-trivial game with DragonRuby
  • Recipes - code samples with explainations on how to solve common issues
  • DragonOS - interactive showcase of DragonRuby GTK games
  • Scale - simple game starter template
  • Zine - community publication

Official Resources

  • Docs - API reference, samples, and guides
  • Public Roadmap - upcoming changes and recently released work in DRGTK

Community Resources

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