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Focused guides and snippets on how to accomplish specific functionality with DragonRuby Game Toolkit.

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DragonRuby GTK gives you a lot of the ingredients to make a delicious game, but sometimes you may want to reference a recipe on how to do something specific. Hopefully what's below helps you out. Suggestions are always welcome in Discord, as are contributions via GitHub.

  • Customize the Engine
    Change the README, default font, and more when working with DragonRuby GTK.
  • Debug Mode
    Improve your development experience by rendering additional info and supporting hotkeys.
  • Efficient Input Checking
    Quickly check if multiple keys are down, pressed, or released.
  • Enumerable
    Intermediate-to-advanced usages of methods when working with collections.
  • Fullscreen
    Switch between windowed and fullscreen mode with ease while keeping track of the current state in DragonRuby GTK.
  • Metadata
    Define and access metadata config values in your game.
  • Working with Music
    How to play, pause, loop, mute, and control music.
  • Prefer Hashes over Arrays for rendering
    Explore the advantages of using Hashes for rendering over Arrays.
  • Renderstreams
    Pro feature for recording gameplay as data, which can then be replayed and exported as video.
  • Sprite Reload
    Refresh all sprites in debug mode without having to restart the game.
  • Spritesheet
    Rendering different sprites from the same image file with DragonRuby Game Toolkit.
  • Testing
    How to write automated tests to verify the functionality of your game code with DragonRuby Game Toolkit.